Obesity And Weight Loss

    Lack of exercise, wrong eating pattern and hormonal imbalance causes obesity. Obesity affect functionally in daily life. It affects beauty and leads to obesity related diseases like Heart Attack, Hyper tension, Stroke, Diabetes, Sexual disorders, Fatty liver, Infertility, osteoporosis etc.

    After a detailed analysis of diet pattern, medical status and history, we recommend a suitable customized diet plan as per individual’s requirement.

    We focus on only fat loss and not muscle loss. [Please see Article Weight Loss & Fat loss]

    Our diet & Exercise pattern helps to gain a lean body and low your body fat. It helps to low your size & to keep body in shape. This will help you prevent from all obesity related diseases like Heart Attack, High BP, Stroke, Diabetes, Infertility etc.

    For weight loss we recommend a regular diet. (We avoid starvation, medicines, or any supplements)

    To reduce wight., we recommend only Exercise & regular Food [Like Roti, Bhakari,Subji, Idali, Pohe, Upma, Shira, Dal, Rice, Paratha, Egg, Chicken, Fish, Paneer, Cheese, Salads, Fruits, Milk, Ghee etc.

    We suggest the right proportion of food mentioned above depending on individual requirement, work schedule and food preferred.